Thursday, 5 February 2015

Detox Programs: Get Rid of Your Toxins or Your Money?

You know that feeling when you found out an eye opening fact about commonly accepted thing for a very long time such as ‘right-brained and left-brained individual is just a myth’? Crazy, huh? I used to struggle over the fact that I cannot categorize myself as a right or left brained individual. Part of me wants to be an artsy musical person meanwhile I also fancy languages but I hate math etc etc.  For those people who in disbelief about that brain myth perhaps I will catch up writing a post about that. However, this current post will elaborate about detox life. Yes, it’s a myth, too.

To avoid any vague argument I will stressed to the point that by detox, what I mean is the cleansing juice diet program that only limiting food consumption only into raw fruits and veggies, or fancy supplements, or certain treatments, and so on. You know, the diet that has been promoted by many celebrities, lifestyle advertising, commercial diet products and programs, and so on.

To make it clear, detoxification on medical term means the process to eliminate the accumulation of toxic substances inside the human body. The objective is to help fastening the recovery process of certain illnesses. According to Edzard Ernst, the emeritus professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University, there are two kinds of detox: the respectable detox for medical purpose and the one that has been used for marketing purpose. The real detoxification has a purpose to treat people with serious drug addiction problem since their body need to be highly intervened from substances. The other type of detox apparently has been used by entrepreneurs to sell you things for the sake of being healthy. They put the idea that our body has been intoxicated by many kinds of toxins from pollutants around us, and the way to get rid of them is by purifying your system by treatments and products they offered.

Sorry to tell you the fact, but mostly they are just being exploitative over the detox term. The detox idea that they are selling is just a pseudo-medical concept that being used for their profit. Human body is great, amazing, already perfect; healthy human body has a perfect excretory system: the liver, kidneys, skin, large intestines, lungs, etc. Naturally we need no help to get rid toxins out of our systems.

However, healthy people can still help their systems and boost its performance to its finest by fasting in an intermittent period. By fasting, your organs will be more focus to their job since there is no interruption from the foods you digested. This might bores you to death, but the only correct way to achieve your detox lifestyle is merely by exercising, eating a balance diet, not smoking and drinking, oh you know well what’s the rest.

Please note that I am not saying that your cleanse program will not help you to lose weight; I am not saying that green juices is not healthy. What I am trying to highlight is the commercial diet programs, books and products; whatever to make you ridiculously want a super clean body system (which is impossible), whatever that makes you spend extra money for fancy supplements, whatever that makes you being fooled by the irresponsible industries.

You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy?
Can A Diet Clean Out Toxins In The Body?

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